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About Us

Peace Through A.C.C.S.S. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the state of California established in 2019 to promote education and literacy around historical and global ideas of embodied relaxation and shared dignity.

Projects & Services


  • Live improvised performances focused on embodied relations, color, sound, and smell
  • Slowski’s Piano Hotline

Undertone Series

  • An empty pool in East LA that hosts performance residencies as well as music performances and film screenings

Future Projects

  • Expand the philosophy book Breath, Space, Time to include ways to dialogue into the education system’s efforts for progressive learning

Peace Through A.C.C.S.S.

  • We operate through the funding of art and culture grants.
  • All donations are tax deductible and support performers, site build and maintenance, research, workshops, and equipment. Painting or drawing gift upon donation is available.
  • Part of P.T.A.’s efforts is to be a collaborative and helping hand to the most relevant aid needed at the time and the community organizations that are leading those efforts.
  • We always welcome coders, developers, performers, and practitioners of subjective, vivid, and progressive perspectives.

P.T.A. is operated by Los Angeles, CA-based artist, Priyanka Ram

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